Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Savy Savers

Team Leader Martin Berisford has just launched a blog for the Credit Union Team. This is part of the project for MONEY FOR LIFE CHALLENGE.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kick Start 2013

After the Christmas period, we all make resolutions to eat healthier and be healthier but most of us need a little kick to get going. This year, students from Hereward College in Tile Hill, Coventry wanted to help provide that kick to its staff and students.
The NVQ Business Admin L1, 2 and 3 students at Hereward College decided to organise an event which covered the emotional and physical wellbeing of all students and staff under one roof which involved local businesses and hospitals.

The event allowed people to try out different types of fruit and homemade lemonade as well giving advice on sustainability and sexual health. Sandwich store Subway helped out on the day by giving away free taster subs to staff and students to show them the range of food they could be eating. 

Students who organised the event had the chance to liaise with outside companies, learn how to promote an event and gather some fantastic evidence for their portfolios. One of the organisers and Business Admin student, Becky Fox said this about the event, "It brought different parts of the College together in one Room!"

In addition to the freebies on offer, there were many stalls offering helpful advice to those who attended as well as selling some healthy goodies. Such stalls included advice on how to stop smoking, counselling and even financial advice. 

NVQ Teacher Joanne Manser said "Everything you need in one location for Kick Starting your 2013 from making healthy sandwiches with Subway to sexual health awareness and protection with the Hereward college nurses to giving up smoking with George Eliot hospital Smoking Cessation other stalls included free fresh fruit, college sporting activities and the credit union".
She added “It was a great success with all students playing their important part in planning and organising on the day.”

Friday, 18 January 2013

Celebrating Success - December

·         The department have successfully secured funds for the development of 4 competition projects related to business enterprise.  The projects include Credit union (Ingrid Terry), Recycling (Alison Bell), Healthy lifestyles (Una Moore) and Charity shop (Judith Brook).  Students are motivated through competition and are developing some great ideas.  Each project has received £500.
·         5 Business students have undertaken interviews with the charity Kids Run Free and are waiting to hear if they have been successful in securing work placements
·         3 Business students have undertaken interviews with Sports for all with a view to providing admin support for the company.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Interview with Judy Brook - Business and ICT subject leader

Judy Brook is a subject leader for Business & ICT at Hereward College. Her favorite pastime is travelling and her favorite TV show is I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!

Last week Martin Berisford, student and blog reporter at Hereward College, sat down with Judy for an interview and found out a bit about herself and her work.

MB – In a nutshell, how would you describe yourself?
JB – I’d like to think of myself as a positive person who’s good at bringing out the best in people!

MB – How did you end up teaching Business?
JB - There is quite a story behind this one! Back when I was at school I went to what would be the careers advisor today and happened to mention that I was good at maths. This led to the suggestion that I should apply for a job in a bank, so I applied to be a cashier with Lloyds TSB.  I worked with Lloyds for 24 years, eventually ending up as a branch manager but part of me had always wanted to teach.  Then whilst I was on maternity leave I saw an advert for a money-management lecturer at Hereward College. Seven years later, I am now the subject leader for Business and ICT.

MB – Outside of work, what would you say are your hobbies?
JB – Outside of work I would say that my time is mostly taken up by my five children but I do love heading out for a meal or taking a trip to the cinema. My passion though is travelling, I love seeing new places and experiencing new things.

MB - What is a typical day in your job like?
JB – Is there ever a typical day?! Every day changes for me and it is this variety I love.  Some days I will be teaching students all day but other days I may be dealing with student’s concerns or problems or attending meetings to plan for the future in regards to Business and ICT.  Every day brings different challenges and achievements!

MB - What is the best thing about working at Hereward?
JB – It has to be the students! It is so rewarding to see a student you have worked with gain the qualification they wanted, get the job of their dreams or head off to University.

MB - If someone asked you for a piece of advice, what would you say?
JB – Business students will have heard me say this a lot but it is a quote from a man named Zig Ziglar and it is “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”.

MB - If you had to choose, would you rather flash the cash or earn the cash?
JB – Oh, that’s a hard one! Of course, I would like to have lots of money but if you just become ‘rich’ I think you can miss out on that sense of achievement of earning your money and doing a job well. There is a fine balance to this one!

MB - Who would you say you look up to in life?
JB – I feel that my ‘idols’ are people like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar. There is only so much that business theory can help you achieve in life but people like Richard and Lord Sugar embody what you can do when you put the things we teach about into practice. Lessons can give you a great insight into business but success in real life is about making decisions, taking action and inspiring people. 

MB – Has there been a moment at Hereward that has inspired you?
JB – Oh lots of things! Moments such as students getting the job they wanted or getting into their dream University are things that continue to inspire me. There are some ex-students that I keep in touch with and seeing them do what they do continues to inspire me when life gets a bit stressful!

MB - Do you have any advice for people wanting to make it in the Business world?
JB – Action! Planning and organising is key to success but it can only take you so far, unless you act upon it, you won’t get anywhere!

MB – Which Christmas just around the corner, what do you think is the best present you can give to someone?
JB – That’s a hard one! I think instead of an item, you should give someone an experience they will never forget. You can buy things like balloon rides, track days where the person can drive their dream car and things like that. Memories of a special experience last forever!